Monday, April 27, 2015

TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2015: Great Movie Quotes

A bear sitting alone at the Tribeca Family Fest

This year I collected great lines from various films. They were supposed to go into the reviews but most never made it. I don't want them to get lost so here they are

(A musician explaining how he ended up playing the drums like his father)  I told my Dad I was interested in the instruments-but I was also interested in Cricket  - SONG OF LAHORE

A:Do you want to know whats wrong with this country?
B: Why is anything right?

I want to tellyou what I'm thinking but I don't want to talk about it. - COME DOWN MOLLY

Enlightenment by shotgun-TRANS FATTY LIVES

I was born into this revolution. You taught me to rebel, to fight. Now I'm going to rebel to race my car -HAVANA MOTOR CLUB

You wear a mask in case you fail, but if you succeed who are you? -ORION: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING

Nobody's opinion matters but your own -MARY J BLIGE: THE LONDON SESSIONS

We'll build a railroad to the moon and the first thing we'll do is hunt down all the natives -SLOW WEST

When you make a flute with your own hands it feels more precious than your soul - SONG OF LAHORE

Suicide doesn't take the pain away, it gives it to someone else -MAN UNDER

Even a fallen tree rests -AFRERIM!

In the ass of the humble the devil sits crosslegged -AFERIM!

Man is asked to beat his wife with kindness - AFERIM!

Our opposition is still the same- masters and pastors -JIMMY'S HALL

Look where the world is because dudes went mental in the desert -MOJAVE

You shouldn't drink. You blackout. Then you go to change a tire and find a severed head in the trunk - Oscar Isaac to a dog he has been carrying around in MOJAVE

Sorry Jack, I'm already in a sufficiently disturbing relationship -MOJAVE

I like the idea, but this is not the idea - VERY SEMI-SERIOUS

You need help and you need not to screw the help you're getting - the sister of Amber Herd in WHEN I LIVE MY LIFE OVER when she finds out she's having an affair with her therapist

You argue in court and they come back with a decision in 90 days. But on the street you have a split second -TOM SWIFT'S ELECTRIC RIFLE

Don't let her go she's your lobster - SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE

I would rather fail with you than win with someone else -SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE

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