Saturday, April 25, 2015

Monty Python The Meaning of Live (2014) Part 1

The Spanish Inquisition
As this posts I'm sitting in the SVA Theater at the Tribeca screening of THE MEANING OF LIVE with the Pythons in attendence. I will give you a report later but for right now I thought I'd saw a few words on the film unclouded by the emotion Python of seeing  in person.

A document the final performances of Monty Python at the O2 Arena is also a look back at their live gigs and celebration of their legacy. Its full of clips from the slows, the Pythons rehearsing and lots of moments between the guys revealing how wonderful they are.

If this is the last we shall see of them together I am satisfied. This is the way we should all go out.On our feet having a blast with friends.

I'm not going to lie I was leaking tears through chunks of it. Being a 40 plus year long Python fan I couldn't help be feel the sadness at this being the end. At the same time I was laughing my ass off at the routines and at the guys being the guys. They are just funny men and its was a joy to watch them enjoy themselves.

I loved the moment when Mike Myers got off stage from his throw away bit in the live show and you watch him tearing up for having just been on stage with Python-as he said his 14 year old self in Canada would never believe that he would have the chance to do that.

As I texted to some of the other Unseen Films people- the film is fucking glorious.

As the film ended I started to get very teary-this was the coda to the end- there would be no more....

...and then I started to smile since I realized that it wasn't quite the end- their appearances in New York were coming and I could not only see them but I could say good bye.

A report on what happened will be appearing later on....

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