Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dream/Killer (2015) tribeca 2015

Ryan Ferguson was convicted several years after the fact of murder when his friend Chuck Erickson confessed to the killing of a sports reporter and implicated him. Never mind that the physical evidence pointed away from the pair, the police convinced Erickson, who was prone to blackouts, that he had done it, filling in details for his faulty memory. Sent away for 30 years Ryan's father fought a never ending battle to get his son free.

What is largely a good over view of the case takes a while to get going since the film opens with a mix of crime scene photos and video of Ryan's arrest and trial. You would think that would be okay, but it's not since nothing is given a context. We are simply thrown into the pool and it's a good 20 minutes or so before we feel comfortable.

Playing like a slightly over long episode of something you'd find on the Discovery Channel the film lays out it's case neatly and cleanly. Things are so neat and clean you wonder why the hell Ryan's attorney didn't piece chunks of this together sooner. Its a shocking case because even before the witnesses began to say they had been bullied and told what to say the evidence of innocence was there (none of the finger prints found at the crime scene were either Ryan's or Erickson's)

Its a solid little film that will no doubt end up on endless rotation on cable.

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  1. You miss the point. Ferguson's co-defendant pled guilty and took a 25 year sentence plus another witness placed Ferguson at scene. Both witnesses had to admit they committed perjury at Ferguson's trial
    And face life sentences. It was a miracle for Ferguson that his attorney Kathleen Zellner was able to accomplish that bc otherwise he would still be in prison. It did not matter to the jury that physical evidence did not link him bc his co- def pled guilty and took 25 years. A dunk shot case for prosecutor until co-def and other witnesses admitted lies..which almost never ever happens.