Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Tribeca Film Festival has just started- here's the Unseen Films plan of attack

Its 730 pm which means the the first screening of this years Tribeca Film Festival (LIVE FROM NEW YORK) should be starting any moment at the Beacon Theater. Actually it will probably start in about half an hour after all the introductions, thank yous and speechifying.

What this means is starting tomorrow some time in the early evening reviews will start hitting Unseen. I would have loved to have dropped some of the reviews sooner but I am bound by agreement that no review can go up until after the first festival screening was scheduled to end. Since the first films won't be ending until seven or so the reviews won't appear until then. From that point on look for over 80 reviews and pieces to appear (43  reviews are already in place)

The way this is going to go is that reviews will be appearing all over the place between tomorrow night and May 3rd. As in past years I will supplement that with reports from each day as I get home. This year the exception is going to be Friday night because I expect to come home crash into bed, get four hours sleep and then be out the door Saturday morning.  The plan is for John to get some early word on the Riff Trax show up Saturday while I hit the press screenings.

As of right now the plan is for me to do the majority of the reviews for Unseen. Hubert is going to do a bunch too, but he's also going to be cranking out think pieces on several films. Hubert will also be dropping reviews at Ruby Hornet and Flixist (where Alec will be directing all his coverage). I'll try to link to those as well.

More coverage will be coming as Mondocurry and Chocko dive in and out of the festival as their schedule allows. As I said above John is locked and loaded for Riff Trax and Randi has a seat for the new Monty Python doc.

I'm not sure whats going to happen or when anything will show up. This years festival already has a different feel so until it really gets going I don't know how this will play out.

What I suggest is that you all keep an eye on Unseen plus the twitter feeds of all of us since you never know what is going to show up where.

And now if you'll excuse me I need to get some last minute stuff done- I have to be on a train by 6:50AM


  1. You and mondocurry real rock, Steve!! :)

    1. I'm not able to make it this year. But looking forward to the discussions you guys have!

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