Monday, April 20, 2015

Why I am not reviewing KURT COBAIN THE MONTAGE OF HECK Tribeca 2015

I went to see the new HBO documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier tonight- but I can't review it.

It has nothing to do with the film, which is clearly a well  made (if overlong) film. It also doesn't have anything to do with the Spring Studios itself, even if the straight back hard chairs do come from a secret CIA rendition location (you don't want to sit on them for three hours)....

...rather it has to do with the way director Brett Morgen did the sound. Its all his fault since the Tribeca people went into great detail talking about how he set up the mix to make Cobain's music sound great. From a music stand point it is great (it was like being at a concert)...the problem is the mix obliterated any talking that was supposed to be played over the music since the music over whelmed the dialog. As things played out it was  clear I was missing stuff and it was the nimrod who did the mixes fault,

And it wasn't me, Hubert also couldn't hear sections of the film either.

It was so bad that I can not ,in good conscious, review the film

It plays tonight at Lincoln Center, Thirsday at the festival once more, opens Friday in select theaters (at IFC here in NYC) and plays on HBO May 4.

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  1. No need at all to work to squeeze it in the tight Festival proper, as I will easily enough see it at the IFC, probably the day after the Fest concludes (next Monday). Sorry to hear this report.