Thursday, April 16, 2015

TRIBECA Day One- Preview of Coming Attractions

Up two hours earlier than I do for the day job so I can hop a train into Manhattan to see movies.  It would be fine except I'm exhausted from a late night last night. I'm going to write up the day later on but I just wanted to say I'm in and alive.

Much of today was seeing friends and talking. Some people like Matt Monagle it was a a brief chat before heading off in opposite directions or in the case of Hubert we saw movies and had lunch.

I saw SLOW WEST, GOOD KILL, (T)ERROR and LUCIFER today. I was going to see the Saturday Night Live film but word before it was it wasn't that good, and word coming out was the same. As it was a good bad good bad day. I can't review the films yet  because of an embargo

I'll have more to say about everything soon, but I'm in unexpectedly in early and I want to see the family before I start writing.

Reviews should start hitting in about a half an hour

For now that's it.

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