Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nightcap 4/12/15 The last links for a bit

This is going to be the last Nightcap probably until May. I’m going to keep this brief because there isn’t a great deal to say and I’m exhausted- Tribeca starts Wednesday and we’ve been busy with screenings. Personally I’ve seen 21 films in the last seven days, 11 of them between yesterday and today. There will be a curtain raiser tomorrow but realize that between Hubert and myself we’re about 45 films into the festival.

This week’s films are going to be all over the place. Yes there is going to be heavy Tribeca coverage starting Thursday but before that we’re going to have a mix of things-some Art of the Real reviews, some new releases and of course Tribeca-including my interview with Bill Corbett about his Riff Trax show Friday.
And now Randi's links
Help Bill Plympton's next film get made
In honor of Effie Gray pictures by the real John Ruskin
T Rex cousin was a cannibal
On Japanese art and it's influence
Wim Wenders on Hammett
The world in infrared 
The Furious 7 flashbacks
Montclair Film Festival 

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