Monday, November 4, 2019


HOPE FROZEN play November 9th
Thai couple freezes their two year old daughter who died of cancer with the hope of bringing her back to life later. Years later, after a storm of controversy, their son begins to explore the possibilities of bringing her back. Interesting look at a scientific possibility from a point of view than most other films. I've seen similar films that look at it head on and scientifically, but here is a film that gives us much more, particularly the long term toll it takes on the family. One of the most intriguing films at DOC NYC

JOURNEY OF MONALISA plays November 7th
Portrait of actor Ivan Monalisa who is both Ivan and the transvestite sex-worker Monalisa. Former college classmate Nicola Costa follows Monalisa as he goes through his daily routine, tries to gain legal US status. Its a one of a kind film  that mixes Monalisa's life and words with movie magic to create an absolute special cinema experience. This is a film that is going to require a second viewing to truly appreciate and discuss so look for a longer piece after the festival when I can give it the room it requires. Recommended.

WHAT WE LEFT UNFINISHED plays November 7th
One of the best films at DOC NYC explores the unfinished films left behind by the communist regimes that occupied Afghanistan from the late 1970's to 1991. A mix of found footage with interviews with the men and women who worked on them the film is not only a peak into what appears to be grossly under covered Afghan film industry but also a peak into the country's history- a history that we in American have no clue about since all we think is Taliban and warfare.
An absolute must see at the festival.

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