Sunday, November 3, 2019

Harbor (2019)

Beautifully modulated short film that is near perfect from start to finish.

This treature is about a French class trip to England. As the class is getting ready to board the ferry across the channel a “new student” steps into the line of students. The teacher realizing the kid is a refugee slips her class hat on his head to help him make the trip. What happens after that is the film and it is a killer.

Speaking volumes of about small kindnesses and basic humanity the film plays our heart strings perfectly and deservedly. It earns every emotion elicits to such a degree that the final shot made me burst unexpectedly into tears. And of course t also says a great deal about the whole refugee problem, however it will be the humanity that moves and changes you, making you ponder what you would do when confronted with one person wanting a new life.

A must see. This Oscar qualified film is on the festival circuit and worth tracking down.

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