Friday, November 1, 2019

The Cunning Man (2019) Morbito Film Festival

Cunning Man is a stunner… it is also a film that is nigh impossible to fully discuss without wrecking the denouncement, which is where the film goes from okay to OH MY.

The basic plot has an old man wandering around collecting dead animals. What exactly he is planning to do with them no one knows. While the abattoir’s collector will take the carcasses and burn them, the cunning man doesn’t do that.

And that is all I can say.

No really that’s all I can say because this is one of those films where when you are watching it for the first time (I’ve seen it a couple of times now) you are going to think one thing until you see the the end and then everything changes because it al comes together. As a result all I can say is you have to see this film and stay with it all the way to the end because it pays off big time.

The film premieres today at 4 PM at the Morbito Film Festival and is highly recommended

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