Tuesday, March 31, 2020

25 PROSPECT STREET (2019) Reelabilities 2020

Portrait of the Prospector theater in Connecticut. It was set up as a means of giving people with disabilities both physical and emotional, a place where they can work,earn a living, and move toward being independent.Valerie Jensen, the executive director of the theater realized that the program her sister was in helped to some the people with disabilities in it, but she knew they really need a place where they could have a regularl job. When saw that the old Ridgefield Playhouse was empty a bell went off and she realized that there was an opportunity to help make her sister, and the others in her program, more independent and capable of earning a living instead of being dependent.

Good time with good people is a wonderful look at people trying to change things for the better. A solid, if slightly over long, film 25 PROSPECT STREET will make you smile and feel good. It is a sweet little film.

The film Plays at Reelabilities 1:30 p.m. on April 3 with a Q&A afterward  as part of their online virtual festival. For more information on how to watch go here.

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