Saturday, March 7, 2020

Deerskin (2019) Rendez-Vous With French Cinema 2020

Quentin Dupieux ‘s latest is a another weird film. The story of a man played by Jean Dujardin who falls in love with a frilly buckskin coat.

I have a mixed relationship with Dupieux. His film RUBBER, the story of a killer tire is a clever idea that should have been a short. His police procedural KEEP AN EYE OUT! is the middle ground and it was funny but wildly uneven. I loved his REALITY which was a trippy look at the nature of reality. Add Deerskin to the side with Rubber. This is a film with some funny bits, but mostly the humor eluded me. This is just a little too much it’s own thing. Give Dupieux for trying to make a film that is reasonably normal and for casting the ever game Dujardinin the lead, but it’s still a bit out there and there wasn’t enough reason for me to care, even for a brief 75 minutes.

Recommended for fans of Dupieux and anyone who is willing to try something off center. All others are advised they are on their own.

DEERSKIN plays tomorrow night and march 14th at Rensezvous With French Cinema. For more information and tickets go here.

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