Monday, March 16, 2020

S Schneider on ONWARD (2020)

ONWARD the newest Pixar hit stars Chris Pratt & Tom Holland, as two brothers going on an adventure quest to complete a magic spell that will allow them one more day with their deceased father.

Pratt and Holland animate their character’s the best way possible. Anyone who has followed Chris Pratt's career since his Parks & Rec days will see his goofy & good-natured personality shining through, while Tom Holland carries the same insecure yet full of heart persona you see portrayed in SPIDER-MAN giving each of the Elf brothers the deserved accuracy & depth.

ONWARD itself was the perfect portrayal of integrating the fantastical themes of magic & magical creatures into a society with the everyday loss for the appreciation of skills we all once had before technology took over to make everything “more convenient” that we face today. It may make things "easier", but when we get too used to it we all forget to fly. It is full of laughs, realizations, & warmth. The plot is relatable while still maintaining an imaginary world true to only Pixar's Style. While at times the movie may hover on more heavy topics, it is still lighthearted enough to be a great family movie for all ages.

I recommend going on a journey with ONWARD, because after all regardless what we face that is truly the only direction we can take!

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