Monday, June 1, 2020

Stuck (2020)

“Stuck” | Short Film Trailer from Stories in Motion on Vimeo.

With a dinner guests arriving in moments a husband tells his wife the bondage equipment they were expecting has arrived...and somehow the delivery guy has ended up passed out strapped to the device.

Wicked black comedy spins out in all sorts of odd ways as a couple desperately tries to come up with a way to cover up the "situation" before the guests arrive. Its a hellish nightmare made funny that will echo for anyone who has had a last minute complication right before the guests you must impress arrive.

I really can't say too much since the jokes are in the unexpected turns the events take so revealing too much will kill some of the laughs.  That said know the cast is very funny and th sell the chaos the ensues as it just all goes more and more wrong.

STUCK is set to play several up coming festivals (including Boston International, Dumbo (NY) Shawna Shea and Oniveros International) and is recommended.

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