Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Arrow Video Channel has some good films (and one great one) playing in June

I just want to point out that The Arrow Video Channel is running some really good films in June, THE STUFF, BLOODTIDE and some others...

...and they are also running Miguel Llansó's JESUS SHOWS YOU THE AY TO THE HIGHWAY which was one of the absolute best films I saw in 2019. It is a weird melding of virtual reality and Llanso's unique lowfi realistic science fiction view of the world. The result is a film that will make your jaw drop and wonder why you hadn't though of that before (see the picture of Batman above) . I love the film so much that I am writing this piece because at long last you can have a way of seeing the film at home and without having to go to a film festival.(Click on the film title to be taken to my review)

And while I have fixated on JESUS the other films are just as good. More to the point the versions you are going to see on the Arrow Channel are going to be top notch. It is a spin off of Arrow films  which is an incredible company that releases special films in killer editions that give Criterion a run for their money. Seriously Arrow is awesome and I have a good number of their special editions.

June trailers:
Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway:
The Woman (UK/US):
Blood Tide (UK/US):
Dream Demon (UK/US):
White Fire (UK/US):
The Stuff (US):

 The Arrow Channel is available on Apple TV in the UK and US, as well as on Amazon in the UK.

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