Monday, September 27, 2021

Daddy's Wallet (2021)

I owe Matthew Levine a big apology. I was given his film DADDY'S WALLET a while ago but I was in the middle of a bunch of festivals. I held of watching it because I wanted to give it my fullest attention.  Once I saw it I told Mr Levine it would be a little longer because I needed to find the words to express my love of the film.

It has gone on longer than I wanted so here is the review....

DADDY'S WALLET is the story of a young woman having an affair with a much older man. They both love each other, but he is married and she is the same age as his daughter. She wants to marry him, he want to marry her but he doesn't want to get a divorce.

While the film looks  flashy, the drama and performances are raw. This is film that knows that life is not neat. Any choice anyone makes is going to have consequences. The question is what can you live with? In what amounts to a romantic triangle no one is going to win nor be happy. 

One of the reasons I like Matthew Levine's films is that he understands that life isn't neat. His previous film MISS FREELANCE is a soul crusher that amazes with its truth. This is something similar.

Highly recommended- DADDY's WALLET cements Matthew Levine as a filmmaker whose work you need to search out- and who needs to make features.

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