Thursday, September 2, 2021

LIMINAL (2021) Dances with Films 2021

Steve lives untethered in his head shifting between now and then. Along the way he tries to sort out his desires and where he belongs.

Excellent short film  is one that is better to see than read about. That is not just words so I don’t have to discuss the film, but more because director Dan Abramovichi has made a film that creates an effect. Scenes turn into dances. Dances turn our expectations. Somethings seem to be reality, some things are refashioning of it.  This is a film that is an experience. I could tell you it’s a quest to find love and reveal all of its twists and turns but there is no way I can express how the images make us feel that and move us on a deep level.

See this film- it is highly recommended when it plays Dances with Films

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