Sunday, September 5, 2021

Filmmakers You Should Track Down Part 4

Lorcan Finnegan

After several weeks off because of festival coverage I'm finally continuing my list of filmmakers you need to track down. I'm going to just get to it.

Claire Carre' sEMBERS is a masterpiece. Its a film about loss of  memory and finding life. It is pure cinema magic made my a master.

Can Evrenol amazes me. His BASKIN is a truly f-ed up horror film that disturbed me for days. His GIRL WITH NO MOUTH  is a family film unlike anything you've seen. Is there anything he can't do?

I first heard of Jerimiah Kipp when he was doing interviews for Shock Magazine. I then discovered that he is one of the best horror film directors I've seen. His films THE DAY GOD SLEPT, BERENICE, THE MINIONS are stunning. But he's made way more and you need to see all of them (My interview with him is here

Steve Elkin's ECHOES OF THE INVISIBLE changed how both Nate and I saw the world. His earlier THE REACH OF RESONANCE will alter how you hear music.

Jeremy Workman has delighted me since I started Unseen Films. From MAGICAL UNIVERSE  to ONE TRACK MIND to THE WORLD BEFORE YOUR FEET have opened up the world for me.

Lorcan Finnegan is one of the best horror directors out there. His work has spoken of the clash of the natural world and the man made one. His FOXES was the gateway drug. He followed that with WITHOUT NAME  which disturbed me. His most recent VIVARIUM is a black comedy that will make you never want to go to a row house ever again. (my interview with him is here)

Michael Wong  ability to tell a story in a unique way intrigued me when I saw THE STORY OF 90 COINS.  He followed it up with THE TATTOOIST which is just beyond words. 

Jared Bratt made a hellish film about loneliness called STREAMER, It will mess you up.

Joji Koyama,and Tujiko Noriko made a film called KURO. It is a film that combines a visual story with an unrelated voice over tale to create a third story. Its one of the most amazing cinematic tricks I've ever seen.

Brian Harrison- HELL FOLLOWS is a film with style to burn. It blew my mind because I couldn't believe it was coming out of nowhere. Its one of the best short films of the last ten years. (My interview with Mr. Harrison here)

You probably haven't heard of Madison Campione because she's still in school. I first discovered her with REMEMBRANCE which she made in High School. She followed it with IN OUR HEADS which she finished before she went to college. What will she do once she's let loose?

Simon Fitzmaurice blew me  away when I saw his film MY NAME IS EMILY, Despite having ALS he decided to make a film and it is a glorious celebration of life. Sadly the disease killed him but he is celebrated in the great doc IT'S NOT DARK YET about his life and filmmaking. Oh the soul we lost....

Matthew Salton's RICHARD TWICE is a one of a kind music doc. You just have to see it. (My inteview with him can be found here)

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