Sunday, September 5, 2021

Not Quite A Nightcap- A Few Housekeeping Notes

 I have been granted a press pass for the New York Film Festival so look for Unseen to be full of NYFF coverage at the end of the month.


I tweeted this but I just wanted to state here that until the NYFF ends, outside of what I have in my pile and anything for NYFF, I'm probably not going cover it. This is aimed at the PR people who send me stuff.  This isn't to say I don't want you to send me stuff, it's more I need not to have the world programing for me  until I can pick and choose for myself. That said, I will most definitely consider anything sent my way


In related news I am going to be changing up some stuff over the next few weeks. This is partly due to my having to attend  to non-film matters, but mostly because I am finding that I am sending way too much time administrating the site. I am spending too many hors just answering emails and getting posts set that I am feeling pressured when I watch movies. Seriously when I come home from the day job I spend two to three hours a day just doing house keeping. I'm often reduced to multitasking while watching a film. Additionally my reviews are getting shorter because I feel pressured to get it done so I can write the next one. (What is the bar minimum that I can say?)

It has to stop and so I'm stepping back and rethinking what I'm doing.


Watch your local or semi-local drive in this fall. It appears that a good number of them will be having special Halloween shows. I say this because while I know the Mahoning and Riverside Drive Ins in Pennsylvania are doing their usual thing I'm discovering a lot of other ones are doing shows as well, largely due to the positive responses  to their covid shows.


The Marq Evans and Erick Oh interviews from Tribeca are finally  done and set to go.


The Filmmaker List returns later today

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