Friday, September 24, 2021

More Than Miyagi (2021) Winter Film Awards


Excellent biography of Pat Morita, best known for playing Mr. Miyagi in the KARATE KID movies. Morita had started out doing stand up comedy and then branched off into acting, coming to prominence as Arnold on Happy Days. However like many comedians his life was far from non-stop laughs.

Lovingly told by the friends and family who knew him this is a film full of laughs and a few tears. Its a joyous celebration of a man who was way more than just his best known role. If you didn't know Morita before you certainly will by the end.

I loved this film. I always loved Pat Morita. I remember him from his early TV performances on the various talk shows doing stand up. I remember being delighted when he started showing up as an actor. For me this is a film that filled in a lot of details about some one I loved.

I don't know what to say beyond that. his is just a great film. See it when it plays The Winter Film Awards.

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