Friday, September 3, 2021

Sing to Me Sylvie (2020) Dances With Films 2021


After ten years apart Sylvie meets David on the street. Long ago they were an item and performing together. Now he lives in a tent a busks and she lives with her husband. She tells David he can stay with her for three days while her husband is away. The stay rekindles Sylvie’s itch to perform and her feelings for David.

Well made and well acted drama doesn’t quite come together dramatically. Blame the script which keeps the buttoned up Sylvie much too buttoned up. While writer, director and star Janette Bloom infuses Sylvie with lots of seething passion, giving a wonderful performance, the script doesn’t really give us enough to hang our hats on. There is no real sense of her life outside of the moments that pass between the two leads. While the film is a perfect representation of the moments we see, the problem is we have no sense of life outside of what we see. What is Sylvie’s life like? What is her relationship with her husband. We really don’t know. Not enough is said and I simply couldn’t connect to the cypher at the center with the result the film wobbled for me.

While not bad, it should have been great.

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