Saturday, April 4, 2015

house with laughing windows (1976)

An art restorer is brought to a small island off the coast of Italy to repair a painting of a mad genius that was painted during the second world war. However once the restoration starts weird things begin to happen in the town and people begin to die.

an oppressive slice of darkness I'm not sure whether to call this an giallo or a horror film since the film seems to blur the line. I mean is what happens pure madness or is there something supernatural about it?

This is a creepy little film. Its a film that makes even the daylight seem ominous. Where most gaillo and Euro horror films are very good at making what lurks in the dark scary here everything is scary. We simply don't know what is lurking where so we don't know when the next bad thing is going to happen.

This film is a real treat for horror lovers.

What I like most about the film is that the payoff is truly chilling. It send you out into the night feeling creeped out.

Definitely worth seeing

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