Saturday, June 6, 2020

Peter Gutierrez has a Patreon account

Copyright Peter Gutierrez
One of the great people I have met in  this last decade of Unseen Film, noted author, teacher, photographer, raconteur and (former) superhero Peter Gutierrez  has set up a patreon account. 

Peter describes the creation on Twitter as follows:

"my patreon is finally up for those who want to support these "inspiring" tweets and, much more importantly, my unpopular and downbeat art/writing [end advertisement]"

Despite what Peter says his work is. it is not down beat, it is actually rather upbeat. He tells fantastic stories, writes awesome film pieces and his photographic work is beyond compare. I've watched him knock off a quick photo to pass the time at a concert or before a movie and wondered ho the hell he did that so fast. His reply "oh that's nothing you should see what I would do if I was home on the computer"

Peter is amazing in all facets of his creative mischief and must be allowed to continue creating.

Unfortunately right now with the state of the world projects have stalled and things are in limbo. He is looking for some patreon help to keep things moving forward. Having been granted  a peak behind the curtain I can tell you that both projects he gave me access to are kick ass and need to be finished. And I would love to tell you what they are but I can't because I wasn't supposed to know what he was up to.

To that end I'm posting this piece in the hope that you can open up your hearts and help Peter. Any amount will do. Any amount will make it that much easier for Peter to get his work finished and saleable despite their being stalled in other places.

For more information and to get on the Patreon train go here.

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