Thursday, April 17, 2014

A fan goes fanboy for Super Duper Alice Cooper (2014)Tribeca 2014

It has nothing to do with my being an Alice Cooper fan when I say that Super Duper Alice Cooper is possibly one of the best Rock biographies on film. It's easily one of the best films of Tribeca, of 2014 and a favorite of this twisted writers little heart.

Say what you will this telling of Alice Cooper's life from birth to his triumphant return to the land of living in 1986 is amazing. Told via voice overs, photographs, film and TV footage, music and animation,this is a warts and all look at the once time Vincent Furnier, now Alice Cooper who rose to rock superstardom and almost lost it all.

I have no idea what to say but see this movie and make sure the mutherf&%#er is played LOUD. This movie rocks and then some

Yea I'm a fan-yea I walked out of my bedroom to find my brother Joe blasting Eighteen on my eighteenth birthday. Yea I have many of his albums memorized- and loved hearing all the stories all over again---but that doesn't matter when I tell you that this is a truly great film.

Why is it great?

Because not only does it tell Cooper's story unvarnished (shots of the drug addicted Cooper are horrifying) but it puts him into context of the music scene. Cooper tells us what was going on when he was struggling to get ahead. We understand where his fan base came from and how what he was doing influenced people from Elton John, to the Sex Pistols to Twisted Sister. We don't get tons of talking heads, but we get the right ones. Likewise we don't get all the details, just the right ones. We get enough to know that Cooper was and is an amazing individual.

I was hit by waves of nostalgia watching the film as music connected with moments in my life.Bits of his story and his music connected to mine.

I was moved several times to tears, not just out of nostalgia but because there is something about Cooper and his life and his ability to soldier on even after being near death that makes the story all the more powerful.

When the film ended I wanted to run out and show it to my brothers. I wanted to break into the projection room and play it again. I wanted to desperately to track down the directors and Cooper and hug them.

Yea I maybe a fan boy but god damn this is a great film.

Go see this.

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  1. im unaware of australian theatrical release...guess ill have to wait for my dvd to arrive and invite somr friends over and cranl it up...remember thr coop ? who could forget ?! macjuju