Thursday, April 17, 2014

Saying very little about the must see The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq (2014) Tribeca 2014

The first film screened for critics was the first surprise of the festival- a wonderful off center comedy that will delight any one who wants a film that really doesn't go where one expects.

Taking speculation as to what happened when writer Michel Houellebecq disappeared during a book tour (he refuses to say what happened) director Guillaume Nicloux has fashioned a dead pan completely unexpected film that has Houellebecq kidnapped for an explained reason and held by three men who always seem to be waiting for word as to what do do with the writer. You will not expect what happens and if you like literate intelligent characters arguing about life and literature I strongly urge you to see this. Though I warn you this can be rather dry- though at the same time its frequently laugh out loud funny.

I am keeping this review short intentionally because the less you know the better it will be to discover it's surprises.

I will say seeing the film was a weird personal experience. Houellebecq's chain smoking and strange ticks reminded me of my mother when she was in one of her Ambien moments. It was very much like watching her up there. A late in the game sequence that involved in part a discussion of the history of Poland played like a family holiday dinner at one of my Aunts.

My personal reaction aside do try to score tickets for this wonderful, charming funny film. Trust me it isn't what you expect.

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  1. Yet another film I have reserved space for on the respected opinion of Steve Kopian! I like the idea of being surprised for one, but this sounds like it's so much more. Can't wait!

    And alas today is the big day! The opening of Tribeca! I will be seeing four films in succession tonight:

    Something Must Break
    Manas Sucias
    Art and Craft
    Ice Poison