Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tribeca Day 3 Mark Breland is a great guy. JOURNEY TO THE WEST, THE CANAL, EXTRATERRESTRIAL and CHAMPS

Evander Holyfield, Mark Breland and Mike Tyson
Day three at Tribeca is getting a relatively short recap because I have a ton of writing to do and picture posts to put up.

Most of the first part of the day was just three movies-

JOURNEY TO THE WEST is Tsai Ming Liang's meditation on the classic tale is more a art installation then a normal film. Simply a series of long takes of either Dennis Levant's face or a monk walking in ultra slow motion while the world moves around him in regular speed. Its an excuse to sit and look at the life that goes on around our monk. You either fall into the meditation and ten minute long takes or you'll walk out. This belongs at MoMA's PS1 and not really a regular theater. I liked it, many people didn't. If you don't like experimental films stay away

CANAL- a couple's family begins to break apart when the husband discovers that their home was the site of a gory 1902 murder. Great looking film with good music and image is a mess in the plot department. Its too loopy to start and I never bought into it.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL- The Vicious Brothers are back with an alien invasion story. A wildly uneven film that alternates visceral horror with stupid comedy. The Brothers need to stick to horro and leave the comedy to comedians. If the report on the premiere doesn't materialize as promised, I'll be taking a crack at this one because I have tons to say-some of it is good and some of it mean.

After the alien invasion I headed off to get food. Pausing by the SVA theater I sold my extra ticket for CHAMPS (my dad's legs were bothering him). I was shocked to discover that people were lining up 90 minutes before the movie. I then dashed to a diner where I got food- and left my jacket- which I had to retrieve losing my place in line as a result.

Once inside the SVA I was awash in a sea of familiar faces. Everywhere there seemed to be boxers I half recognized. Sitting next to me in the second row was a lovely young lady and a gentleman I knew but couldn't name. It was world champion Mark Breland.  Breland is one of my favorite fighters because he was the first no heavy weight I knew. He was someone I fell in love with just as I was learning to really love boxing. Talking with him and his companion was an absolute joy (please email me and remind me what your name is. I was so awash in names of fighters I realized I forgot your name)  I had a great time.

CHAMPS is the story of boxing and how it can lift up people without a way to better themselves. It looks at the pros and cons through the careers of Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins. Its a heady mix that is a cautionary tale for any fighter. I have a great deal to say about it and the Q&A but that's for another time- just know that if you love boxing or have any interest in any fight game this is a must see.

I had a great time and it was thanks to Mr Breland, his companion and all of the boxers. Pictures are coming - including the one I was lucky enough to get with Mr Breland.

Okay time to get some longer pieces done.

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