Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nightcap 4/6/14 Art of the Real starts this week

This year’s edition of Lincoln Center's Art of the Real starts at the end of this week. The Art of the Real is a series of documentaries that are not your typical documentaries. Pushing the bounds of the form they are more frequently more essays and works of art then traditional documentaries. You could almost call some of them meditations on their subjects. While that may sound as though you’re not going to get information, that’s not the case, you do get to know the subjects, and what’s better you get a deeper understanding.

Over the next seven days we'll be providing coverage of a few of the films that are running in the series. Our coverage is going to be a little bit atypical with the selection of films small and put together in an almost random way. Keeping with our desire to help highlight short films many of the films we look at are the shorts. I’m also going to take a second look at Manakamana which I saw at the NYFF this year but wasn’t thrilled with. While I still have problems with the film I’m happy to report the film plays better the second time through. I’m looking to add to the films we’ll be covering so keep an eye out our coverage may go long…
Not to make you drool, but Mondo, Chocko and myself have been hard at work seeing movies and preparing for our coverage of the Tribeca Film festival. As I write this we’ve seen around 30 of the films and we’ll be seeing another 13 before the festival. While I can’t talk specifics there have been some real winners and a not too many losers. Details will be forth coming once the embargoes are lifted.

We’re also planning a great deal of coverage from the festival itself with red carpet photos, interviews and reports from the screenings. So keep reading…

And remember single tickets go on sale to AMEX holders on Tuesday at 11am EST
And as always we close with some of Randi's links

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