Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Honeymoon (2014) Tribeca 2014

Honey, what was it that you met in the woods?
Just married Bea and Paul go to her family cabin in Canada for their honeymoon. All is great until a light in the window causes Bea to disappear into the woods. Paul freaks out and goes out to find her...naked and dirty. Something has happened to her...she refuses to say what but Paul begins to worry since Bea isn't herself any more...

Creepy horror film plays in many ways as an allegory about martial anxiety. I'm not sure it completely works as one, but it does help to get over the rough spots.

Actually this is best viewed just as a horror film that leaves you feeling very uneasy. Its the unease that sets the film apart from others. There are only two real scares and one supremely icky scene late in the game, but the sense of dread starts with the opening titles and doesn't go away until some time after you've woken up the next day.  This film really got under my skin and made coming home to a house with everyone asleep very difficult- things were just too damn quiet.

Is it perfect?No,its a tad long at 86 minutes and I'm not sure it all comes together, but that won't mean you won't be bothered by it. I still am and I saw it two weeks ago- this movie is just wrong in all the right ways.

Put this one on your list- this is a small scale gem.

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