Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tribeca Day 2: Three directors and three films ABOUT ALEX, VIRUNGA and WHEN THE GARDEN WAS EDEN

It was a day and then some. I'm beat- despite getting home two hours earlier than I expected thanks to a meeting causing me to miss Extraterrestrial. Not to worry I have it covered and a review will be coming.

The day began with my heading over to interview Alonso Ruizpalacios about his film GUEROS. On the elevator up to do so I ended up meeting Director Midi Z and actress Ke-Xi Wu in the elevator. Thanks to Mondo's report from last night I recognized them. They seemed to be taken aback that I knew them and that there was a report up. On the press floor they went to do an interview and I went to speak with Mr Ruizpalacios.

The interview was a trip. He's a charming articulate man and I could have talked for hours. How a discussion of his film morphed into a discussion of the Simpsons and British comedy was amazing. Yes its in context. We also discussed his love of Fellini, film festivals and a few other things. I should have the interview up in a few days.

Thank you to Mr Ruizpalacios fortaking time to do the interview and Denise Sinelov for setting it up.

On the way down I met a lovely woman in the elevator. She introduced herself as Sofia.

"Are you covering the festival?" I asked

"No, I'm a director."

"Really what did you direct?"

"Broken Hill Blues."

"I thought it was great..."

And off we went talking for a good long while as I walked her over to the Press Lounge. I'll have a report soon with a few details on the film and her next soon. She is utterly wonderful and if I was smart I would have spent more time with her.

I did take a picture -
Sofia Norlin

If any of you get a chance to talk with Ms Norlin do so, she is an absolute joy to talk to.

After I left Ms Norlin I headed back to the press screenings.

ABOUT ALEX is a Big Chill riff that knows its a Big Chill riff, but isn't as good despite pithy dialog. If you haven't seen The Big Chill you'll love it if not you'll like it.

VIRUNGA is about the Virunga national park in Congo. The last refuge of mountain gorillas and other species the park is under threat from war and the discovery of oil. This was a huge disappointment. At the top of my must see list, the film is a mess. I wondered why until I saw six or seven people listed as editors- no wonder it's unfocused. (Longer review to follow)

WHEN THE GARDEN WAS EDEN- great documentary on how the New York Knicks teams of the late 60's and 70's changed basketball and became legendary. The one screening at the fest is done- but it's coming to ESPN so you'll want to make time to see it. I can't wait to see it again.

The rest of the day was filled with friends (John, Hubert, Alec, Mondo, Chris Bourne and other) and great talk.

I'm beat- time for bed since I have three or four films tomorrow.

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  1. Broken Hill Blues is practically a masterpieces and the best film I have seen at the Festival so far. I did not like ICE POISON at all.

    And I had removed VERUNGA from my lineup (no room) so your firm dismissal relieve me! Ha!