Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tribeca Day 8: I could have stayed home (DIOR & I, THE OTHER ONE and X/Y)

A misfired picture for a misfired day
As Tribeca days go- this was the most low key and nothing day I've ever had in five years of attending the festival. In all seriousness other than a discussion on the street between a bank branch manager and a festival organizer everything was so sedate one would have thought nothing was going on.

This was planned to be by quietest day of press screenings. Partly because I needed a day, but partly because not a great deal was going on. It was so quiet that I was considering picking up some public tickets, but to be perfectly honest after a solid month I'm shot. This year kicked my ass to the point I could hang it all up. Yes I know it's Tribeca, and I've gotten into discussions with some friends who think I'm nuts- but unless you have been going since the end of March almost every day and doing your regular job you have no idea what a chore covering this festival is. I love it but I'm at the point where I kind of want not to go to the last three days.

Not to worry I'm going- I have two shorts collections and 3 features tomorrow and two features Saturday so there's more coming.

As for the films- two are good, one I walked out on, but non required my getting up at 6am to see.

DIOR AND I is great. I don't care about fashion but this portrait of Raf Simons as he takes the artistic reigns at Christian Dior is truly compelling. I really didn't have any interest in seeing it except people kept telling me its good-even people who don't care about fashion were saying so. Its a keeper and one I would gladly see again. One of the nice surprises of the festival

THE OTHER ONE: THE LONG STRANGE TRIP OF BOB WEIR was the film I went into see today. I am not a Grateful Dead fan but enough of my friends are I thought I should cover it. It follows Weir from birth until now. How is it? Its good. If you're a Dead fan it's going to be great.  My problem is that I still don't get Weir or the Dead after seeing it. The film also tends to tell us things but not explain why, for example why his playing was special but they don't show us. I still don't understand.  Its not fatal but I came out knowing more of his chronology but thats about it. On the other hand Dead fans should see this.

X/Y was the film I walked out of a half an hour in. Sue me but the film begins in the middle of sex going wrong which turns into an argument and then morphs into a bunch of 20 somethings looking for love in NYC. It struck me as a bunch of whiny New Yorkers needing to be smacked. I had no patience and chose to come home and see Captain America:Winter Soldier instead.

I maybe burnt but I'm still trudging along so keep reading more stuff is coming from me, from Mondo, John, Chocko and Hubert.

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  1. So X/Y is the pits eh? It won't fit into my schedule anyway. I felt much the same way about the awful PALTO ALTO, which featured chain smoking and teenagers getting high. Went nowhere, did nothing. But ZERO MOTIVATION was masterful and a deserving recipient of the awards!