Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Amie Siegel: Recent Works Art of the Real 2014

As part of the Art of the Real non-fiction series at Lincoln Center they are running a program of recent works by Amie Siegel The screening on April 20 will include two short films running about an hour total and some clips. Siegel will also be in attendance. Recently I got a chance to take a look at the two films that will make up the bulk of the screening and here are my thoughts-

Black Moon
Recreation of part of Louis Malle’s film of the same name follows a group of female soldiers as they wander around an deserted landscape of abandoned houses, developments and the forest.

I’m at a loss to explain it. Visually it’s not bad, however what it means or what I’m supposed to get out of it got lost somewhere about the half way mark when I started to get annoyed by the deliberate posing of the soldiers in tableaus. I also had the feeling that this would have been much better if I knew the Malle film it was riffing on. The reference to the earlier film much mean something right?

Perhaps but I have no idea. I grew bored and closed my eyes.

This is a film juxtaposing the wildly designed home of an architect with the landscape and cabins around it as people move through the two landscapes.

A better film than Black Moon, it feels more genuine even if we get a couple of moments of people imitating animals. Over the course of the films 35 minutes the film takes on the feeling of a science fiction or post-apocalyptic film from the 1970’s. If pushed I’d say there is something about the look reminds me of Zardoz, Rollerball, and The Final Program mashed together. It’s not so much that its anything overt rather the visual style reminds me of that mid-1970’s idea of the future.

I have no idea what it means, and frankly I didn’t care. I just sort of got lost in the visuals which kicked up all sorts of random thoughts. I have no idea if I need or want to see it again, but I enjoyed my time seeing it.

For more information on the screenings of both these films go here.


  1. Hello Steve. Most interesting post on some material I am unfamiliar with.

    I must ask you now, have you scoured the Tribeca schedule (they are available in the lobby of the Chelsea Cinemas on 23rd Street) and come up with any kind of a game plan?

    I have been investigation all the 'Films to See' posts on google, and I am getting mixed signals. I am beginning to think I should mainly concentrate on the docs, though film by Polanski and Marion Vernoux would appear to be essential. And I am intrigued by BAD HAIR, BLACK COAL THIN ICE (Berlin winner!) and BENEATH THE HARVEST SKY among others.

    Do you have any recommendations?


    1. Sam-

      I’m in weird place with talking about films for Tribeca because of embargoes. I haven’t seen all of the films but of the ones I’ve seen that I recommend Venus in Furs (Polanski), The kidnapping of Michel H--, Starred Up, Super Duper Alice Cooper, Brides, Traitors and Mala Mala. I've seen I think 27 films so far and I'm aiming for another 9 before the fest starts. If you want to know more email me.

  2. Thank you so much my friend! Wow you are unbelievable---I haven't seen a single film, though I reckon I can manage 32 or 33 at the Festival if I really push hard. I will e mail you indeed. Thanks again!