Monday, April 6, 2015

Big Hero 6 (2014)

When is a marvel comics movie not a Marvel Comics movie?

When its Big Hero 6

Rethink retread re-imaging of a small scale Marvel comic title.

The plot of the film has super genius teenager Hiro spending hi time building robots and fighting them. Not long after his big brother redirects his interest into college disaster strikes and Hiro's brother is killed. Mourning his loss Hiro is helped out by Baymax his brothers care giver robot. Things turn dark when Hiro finds out that one of his inventions has been stolen by a masked villain. Making an armored suit for Baymax and getting help from his brother's friends Hiro aims to take on the bad guy.

This is a kind of by the numbers Pixar/ Iron Giant wanna be. If you are a comics fan you know how this is going to go. I knew who the bad guy was and how it would end. The characters were largely variations on the sort of characters you've seen any number of times before.  Its a large dose of been there and done that...

...except that it has the wonderful Baymax at its center.  Baymax is the wle movie. He's a wonderfully designed character. More importantly he's  the as well written a hero as you'll find in all of superhero literature. He's charming and heroic with as strong a moral center as you'll find. This is the guy you want your kids to idolize. This is the guy you'd want to hang out with.

Make no mistake, Baymax lifts the film out of the forgettable pile and instead makes it a must see.

One of the best animated films of the year?

Hell no- but it does have one of the all time great characters which in this case is enough

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