Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nightcap 4/5/15: KINO! starts Thursday. so does Art of the Real. plus brief word on Tribeca's film selection and Randi's links

The making of Shylight (short version) from Studio DRIFT on Vimeo.

KINO! the annual survey of German cinema starts Thursday the 9th and runs until the 16th at Cinema Village in New York. And without having seen a one frame of footage I'm going to tell you to go.

Seriously go to the website, pick a film and go.

Why do I say this because after seeing pretty much every film they ran the last two years I know that they program not only some of the best German films you'll see but also just some of the best films of the years as well. (The wickedly cool BANKLADY came out of last years festival). I have no idea how any of the films are I only know that if something looks good take a shot at it.

I apologize for not being as detailed as I normally am in these curtain raisers but I'm still dancing around going to see stuff. Mondo is likewise angling to get in some films as well. (to be honest I think Mondo is taking the lead on the festival this year)

Art of the Real starts this week. This is Lincoln Center’s look at alternate takes on documentary. As the title says the takes are more artistic. Actually some of the films are more essay then documentary. The result if the unconventional takes is to have a group of films that are unique viewing experiences.

If you want to see something unique you might want to try ANDROIDS DREAM. If the title sounds familiar its because its based on the same novel as BLADERUNNER. Beyond the source novel and a killer that’s on the loose the film has little to do with the Ridley Scott film. This film is more a meditation on life in some sun drenched city. Its very much not what you’d expect.

I’ve got reviews of five films going up during the festival. One will be up at the end of this week and the rest in the days before Tribeca takes over Unseen.
And speaking of Tribeca – we’re hip deep in the hoopla.

They’ve screened 23 films for critics. Between Hubert and myself  we’ve seen 22 films from the festival. They’re running another 26 before the fest starts and we’ll be seeing probably at least 21 of them. There is a lot of good stuff here all of which I can’t mention lest they bar me from going. While I have seen s a couple I haven’t been crazy for there have been none I’ve thought out right terrible.

Starting next Monday look for three weeks of heavy coverage including reports on two Monty Python appearances, Riff Trax related posts, interviews and more movies then you can shake a stick at (assuming that’s your idea of a good time.)
And as always we'll end with Randi's links

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Super Mario Beads of Luigi 2
The Worst Place on Earth
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