Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

This happens every time a villain calls in - members of north wind when Dave calls in.

No one breaks the wind.- Classified

Largely non stop action has the boys battling the evil Dr.Octavius Brine aka Dave, an octopus who fell out of favor when the penguins came to the central park zoo and took away all his fans. Getting mixed up with the inter-species organization NorthWind, it becomes a battle to stop Dave before he uses his Medusa formula to change all the penguins in the world,

Silly, punny and way too much for any human mind to comprehend, The film is a wickedly funny film that manages to get to the end with the audience smiling because it never stops. Seriously this is a film for anyone who has severe attention deficit disorder simply because you can't get distracted because something is always happening, It never stops

By the end I was exhausted- smiling but exhausted.

There is one problem with the film and that is the plot kind of stops at some point  and  the film coasts to the end- which is in this case is fine because the film is still funny as hell.

You really should see this.

And remember- Jet Packs are really cool.

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