Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 Tribeca scores again with a stunning music  bio, this time out on Rick James.

BITCHIN is a great doc. It is a film that puts James’ career and achievements in perspective with the result that odds are you are going to sit there mouth agape mumbling “he did all of that? Holy Shit”. I say this because I ended up watching the film with my brother, who was a long time James fan and there was stuff in there that he never knew. We both were blown away.

What completely lifts this film up into greatness is the fact that the focus is firmly on the music. Yes the craziness is there, but it isn’t the focus. We are focused on the amazing things that James was doing. You truly get a sense of how he changed everything that followed in his wake.

What I  loved is that when the film finally has to deal with the drugs and the bad behavior  it’s not until the final half hour by which time it had become something that was taking center stage in his life. Before that the film constantly acknowledges it with passing mentions but it keeps it in its proper place. Also unlike the recent Showtime documentary on the GoGos  the film doesn’t white wash anything.

I absolutely love this film. Thanks to my brother Tom I have been listening to Rick James my whole life. He has been a constant and it was so nice to see the man finally get his due and then some.

Bitchin is an absolute must see.

One of the best films at Tribeca and maybe of 2021 as well.

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