Thursday, June 17, 2021



This was an odd year for Whoopi’s collection of animated films.  All of the films are visual works of art  but most of the films are emotionally distant. On the other hand it has two great films in it one of which is almost certain to win the Oscar for Best Short Animated Film next year.

TRY TO FLY is a beautiful if over long film about what goes through a baby owl’s mind when its mother tosses it out of the nest. Its good and sweet film that is done in by the pacing.

Navozande, the musician is a beautifully animated film that looks like ancient illustrations come to life. The rest is okay.

ASHES about a concentration camp survivor remembering her late love is chilling film that is a bit too formal to fully connect to.

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET- about the Tulsa City Massacre is a bracing black and white film that suffers from premiering at the exact moment as numerous other films and countless news stories.  This is a good film coming out at exactly the wrong time.

DEATH AND THE LADY made me misty. The story of an old woman  who lets death into her house and the dog who tries to save her, is pure magic. Sure you can guess where this is going but it doesn’t matter it still tugs the heart strings. One of the great animated films of the year.

LEAF BOAT is a solid film that would be the best of the bunch in any other year.  The story of falling in love by literally taking a plunge is a sweet film.

THERE ARE BUNNIES ON FIE IN THE FOREST is an odd film using dolls that is about a girl kissing a friend on the cheek in the time of covid. Thank you no.

BLUSH will almost certainly win the Oscar for Best Animated film. The story of an astronaut who falls in love with an alien is an emotional killer. It will have you sobbing at the end, something that will get even harder when you realize the film was made by the director for his late wife. Yea it tugs the heart strings with a Mack truck, but you won’t care.

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