Saturday, June 26, 2021

Steve on THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL US (2021) Tribeca 2021


While it is rough in a couple of places and a bit over long They’re Trying to Kill Us is one of the most important films playing at Tribeca. The film is a look at how the African American communities are essentially being targeted with stores that only sell processed food or foods that are bad for human being. Yes the food tastes good but the cheap crap they sell at many of the stores is responsible for the various health problems that are affecting the majority of the people living in the depressed communities.

You have to applaud filmmakers Keegan Kuhn and John Lewis for making one hell of a film. It beautifully lays out how African Americans are essentially eating them selves to death. It’s a frightening tale that makes it clear that what is available to many families is killing them. Where the film scores is not just in its saying the food is bad but in how it explains why it happened and more importantly why it doesn’t need to happen. The argument that eating good food costs more is put to rest as we see how it is possible to eat better and save money too.

What I love about the film is that while the film is focused on the African American community the film lifts itself up by speaking to any economically depressed community. All across America there are poor of all races who are not eating well and if they watched They’re trying To Kill Us there is a good chance that they could get healthier.

One of the most important films of Tribeca and of the year.

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