Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Everything But Fear (2021) Queens World Film Festival 2021

Lovely portrait of Francisco Mendez , Owner of Mendez Boxing, who passed away last year due to covid.

The film is a loving remembrance of a man who loved boxing and wanted to bring it to as many people as he could. He left his beloved Mexico and moved to New York where his gym, Mendez Boxing , a couple of blocks from Madison Square Garden, became the place where champions such as Oscar DeLa Hoya, Laila Ali and Mike Tyson, trained when they had a fight in NYC.  

There is very little I can say about the film beyond see it and this film needs to be longer. There is enough here that this could easily be expanded into a feature (assuming you can get everyone to tell all their stories)

For information on both the virtual and in person screenings 
Virtual - 6/30:: https://queensworldfilmfestival.org/june-30-2021-queens-world-film-festival/ 

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