Friday, June 18, 2021

PEACE BY CHOCOLATE (2021) Tribeca 2021

This true story of a Syrian family who emigrates from their home to a small town in Canada where they set up a chocolate factory is a charmer.

Made with love and care this is a sweet (no pun intended) little drama that works on several different level. First and foremost it’s a great little drama about great people. I love that there really are no bad guys, only people with different points of view and very human ways of seeing the world. The film also has great deal to say about emigration from several points of view. It is a film about trying to find peace through connections on a human level. I was moved.

While the film is probably not going to be on the tip top of your best films of this years Tribeca, it may very well end up on your list of most entertaining. More importantly when all of the serious dramas and urgent documentaries have faded from your mind odds are Peace By Chocolate is going to be the film that you not only remember but revisit.

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