Sunday, June 20, 2021

Perfect David (2021) Tribeca 2021


Perfect David is sadly, not a perfect film. This is the story of  a teen who is being molded by his mother into a perfect physical specimen via bodybuilding. Things come to a head as teen life comes calling and he has to try to balance friends, girls and the training schedule his mother has him on.

Good looking images tell the story about a character we really don’t care about. David is an introspective soul and doesn’t seem to say or do much other than be battered around by life.  There is nothing here for us to really connect to. I’m not certain if it’s the character or the performance since he remains a big cryptic hole in the center of the film.

I suspect that some may find it erotic on some level, but for me the film’s attempts fall flat. My overriding feeling watching the film was that it was trying awfully hard to do something but was still falling flat.

This is a miss.

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