Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Love Song (2022) Sundance 2022

Short whimsical drama wrapped up in a maybe romance doesn't have a hell of a lot going on except people talking- but oh dear god what talking it is. 

The plot is simple Dale Dickey waits in a campsite by a lakelake for her long ago love Wes Studi. She talks to her neighbors, the postman and a group of siblings who need her to move her trailer (don't ask just smile). When he eventually shows up they talk about old times.

That's it. 

And if you can tune into the films frequency you will be charmed,

Actually if you love great acting this is the film for you. Dale Dickey gives a performance that if this film had backing should get her an Oscar. Its an open and raw performance that makes you smile and breaks your heart. Wes Studi gives you pause to wonder why in the holy hell he hasn't been allowed to get more leads.I mean watch the little things he does, say getting ready in his car to go "meet: her. These two titans of acting give a masterclass in being real that will blow you away.

As good as the acting is it isn't perfect. It is a bit too meandering and it maybe a bit to whimsical (the sibling side story while charming is ultimately filler -which I say despite loving every damn minute of it).

Say what you will I enjoyed the hell out of this film, but I know it's small gentle nature is going to work against it, especially in a huge festival like Sundance where it is going to get over shadowed.

A LOVE SONG is ultimately a small gem of a film. Its one of the films that I go to festivals to find so I can report back to you about. If you want a small delicate flwer that ill live in your heart search this film out.

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