Sunday, January 30, 2022

ULTRAINOCENCIA (2022) Slamdance 2022

 Manuel Arija has made a totally crazy absolutely compelling film about the search for god via a machine that will allow us to shift dimensions and the two men who become the subjects making the trip..

I really don’t know what to say about this film except see it. This is one of those magical films that is exactly the sort of thing that only the movies can do. It shows you something wild and crazy and makes you stare at the screen in disbelief and delight as you wonder where this is going.

This is a film full of idea, and humor and characters we fall in love with. Did I fully get everything I was witnessing? Not on the first time through, though that’s what revisits are for.

I know I should be talking about what happens but for me one of the joys of this film was discovering where this was going. From the minute  that our two crazy heroes begin stripping  my eyes and my smile just got bigger and bigger.

This is the best sort of filmmaking- and you need to see it without my telling you anything about what you are going to see- If you love movie- especially off Hollywood films you must see this.

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