Monday, January 31, 2022

Snow White Dies At The End (2022) Slamdance 2022

This poster perfectly sums up the film but you won't understand it until you see it

SNOW WHITE DIES AT THE END is the intersecting stories of seven people on the edge of society in a town in Macedonia as told by a fly. Its the story of a doctor trying to keep the son of a dead friend out of trouble. The tale of three buddies who hang out at a video store and a radio host who falls for a young woman who makes clothes for trees.

Wonderfully off kilter and possessing it's own sense of reality (there is a haunted toilet) SNOW WHITE is a film that wanders all over the place and as a result sucks us in. It beautifully gives us an intriguing group of people, some we like, some we don't, and then runs them through their paces in such a way that we can't help but click into and want to follow along.

Going into the film I didn't know what to expect. The write up of the film on the Slamdance website, and which is repeated elsewhere, wasn't really clear with a reference to people farting backwards making me wonder what they were talking about. Clearly it was something coming from the filmmakers and which didn't do the film justice. This is a solid film about characters and their ups and downs.

Is this film going to be for everyone? Probably not. The time shifting story told on the fly by a fly style may not work for everyone. However if you are willing to go with it, and give it a real shot, I think this is going to be a film that you are going to like a great deal, I did.

It is one of the hidden gems of Slamdance and very recommended.

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