Sunday, January 23, 2022

Brian and Charles (2022) Sundance 2022


Absolutely lovely psudeo-doc about Brian who tinkers and build things and Charles arobot that he makes.

I have no idea what to say but you have to see this. This off the radar gem is one of the best films playing Sundance and quite possibly 2022 as well.

This is a film that is all about the characters. Its a film where you meet Brian and he pulls you into his off kilter world. Its so expertly done that you never question anything that we see happens.  That Charles is one of the oddest robots ever put on film makes perfect sense in the film.

I was told the film as funny before I saw it. And while it is, it is more importantly warm and human. This is a film about people and friends andis just magical.

If this film doesn't come out of Sundance as a sleeper hit I will be very surprised since this film is just a kind of big cinematic hug.

Apologies for not saying more I just want you to discover this film on your own.

HIGHLY recommended.

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