Saturday, January 29, 2022

Fury (2022) Slamdance 2022


This is portrait of  Polish MMA champion Aleksandra Rola who has overcome difficulties in her life to become a top fighter.

Atypical in its warts and all approach to covering its subject FURY is a breath of fresh air in the sports bio genre. There are rough edges to our subject and her life and the film wonderfully doesn't try to smooth them over with the result we not only feel closer to Aleksandra but we also feel that she is a real person and not a commodity. It should also be pointed out that the film is firmly focused on Aleksandra as a person and not on the gritty details of her winning and losing. I point this out because if you go in and are waiting to see how she moves from match to match you are probably going to be disappointed since this is about the journey of one woman’s soul.

I really liked FURY. I liked its in your face approach. I love that the film takes time to let her father and mother talk to the camera. I love that the film goes to places we don’t normally see in these sort of things and shows us things other films might cut out, say Aleksandra smoking. It give the film and what we are seeing a real weight. As some one who watches a lot of boxing and MMA docs each year it’s nice to see one that is really trying to show us a life and not sell us a fighter.


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