Saturday, January 22, 2022

THREE SONGS FOR BENAZIR (2021)hits Netflix Monday

This is the story of young Afghan Shaista, who is newly married and in love with his new wife. He loves to sing her songs that delight and embarrass her. He wants to better himself and considers joining the military or picking poppies.

This is an excellent short film that will break your heart. Following Shaista over the course of several years it’s the story of one man trying to do the best he can for his family and the troubles he find. Its a film that quietly shows life in Afghanistan for just a regular guy. It’s a tough life where making ends meet is daily struggle. I was moved.

I also kind of wish this was a feature. There is a jump across years toward the end of the film and I am very curious to know what happened in the jump. Actually we know, but I would like to have seen what transpired. My one wish for the end of the film would be to know where things are now. With the events obviously before the Taliban retake over of the country, I want to know where Shaista and his family are now.

Highly recommended THREE SONGS FOR BENAZIR starts on Netflix on January  24th

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