Saturday, January 29, 2022

Forget Me Not (2022) Slamdance 2022

Director Olivier Bernier and his wife chart their battle to get their son Emilio included into normal classes. Emilio has Downs Syndrome and the public school system doesn't want to do anything other than degregate him.

Probably the most important film at Slamdance is going to to piss you off. This head on record of what the Berniers have been facing is also designed to act as primer for parents of Downs kids so they know they are both not alone and know what to do. This is a film that needs to find not only its audience but one of sympathetic minds who will help the parents of  Downs Syndrome childen.

I should be flabbergasted that the New York City Schools would behave they way they are but having watched the stories of school during covid play out on the evening news I'm not rally surprised. This film angered me that a big system like NYC can't get it right.

Then again as the film maked clear most school systems can't get it right and unless parents fight for things their kids will flounder. More telling is the warning of what happens when famies shift school systems and the kids end up disappearing when the new school system refuses to take in the new special needs child.

See this film.

Highly recommended

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