Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Director Ahsen Nadeem goes to isolated Buddhist monastery to find the secret of the universe, or at least deal with a broken heart and ends up tossed out when he interrupts a sacred ceremony. He is then forced to talk to a lesser monk who likes ice cream and heavy metal music. 

Whether you like this film or not will be determined by how you feel about Nadeem, who presents himself as a nebish and plays things for laughs, or if not laughs but a less than serious distance. I began to shake my head when his first question to a monk was whether he was ever in love. I somehow suspected that this was going to not be the sort of film I really liked. I then lost all respect for it when he went into a closed ceremony with his cellphone. I mean he took years to get invited to this is a place where the monks take on challenges where they either complete them or die, and he fucks it up something stupid...

At that moment I wanted to smack him and I lost all respect for him and the film since it felt like a put on.

My problem with the film is not the subject matter or the irreverence, but Nadeem himself. I couldn't determine if he was putting it all on or was just stupid. It's not even the irreverence he has for it all, I can be as irreverent as they come on matters of religion, but  rather he seems like a jerk who uses goofiness to cover up ill preparedness.

Not recommended.

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