Saturday, March 19, 2022

Listen To The Beat Of Our Images (2021) First Look


The death of the town of Korou is told by someone who used to live there. The small town in French Guiana was razed by the French government to build a new spaceport after they lost their Algerian complex in that country’s independence.

Made up entirely of archival images the film is a bittersweet affair  about how the world was irrevocably changed by an uncaring government who then tried to fashion a piece of Europe in the jungle. I am haunted by the image of women doing calisthenics in the courtyard of the apartments they built. Its one of the most surreal and out of place images I’ve seen in a long time and even if LISTEN TO THE BEAT weren’t as good as it is I would recommend the film just so you could see it in the context of this tale.

This is a sad story that will haunt your dreams and is recommended

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