Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Jane By Charlotte (2021) Opens Friday

JANE BY CHARLOTTE is Charlotte Gainsbourg  spending time with her mother actress and singer Jane Birkin and trying to find out about the woman herself. Not mom, not the media figure, but the person on the inside . It is the film I wish I could have made about my mother.

The film has floored me. Part of it is that I was expecting a conventional biography and instead I got something deeper and more meaningful. The film is a deep exploration of the parent child  dynamic that speaks volumes about how we see ourselves and our parents and our children.

As telling as the film about Birkin, the film also reveals a great deal about Gainsbourg,. We learn a great deal about her via the way she portrays her mother.

What I loved was that having interviewed Charlotte Gainsbourg a couple years back I see where how she pulled things from her mother both in real life and for her role of Romain Gary's mother in PROMISE AT DAWN

This is one of the best films of 2021.  Highly recommended.

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